Make a positive impact

Help us create a brighter future for the whole planet

At Unilever, we understand that it's our responsibility to make the world we live in better for all. And no matter what path you take at Unilever you'll have the chance to make significant positive changes to improve the health and well-being of over a billion people, by reducing environmental impacts or spearheading fair, inclusive business practices and equal opportunities for everyone.


Improving health and well-being for more than a billion people:

By 2020 we will have reduced life-threatening diseases, improved nutrition standards and provided safe drinking water for over a billion people.

Reducing environmental impact by half:

By 2030 we aim to halve our eco-footprint by reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions, conserving water and using only sustainable raw materials.

Enhancing millions of livelihoods:

As we grow our business we embed workplace fairness into our business practice to ensure equal opportunities for all.